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With only a few months between the written and clinical FRACP exams you need a tool for rapid and focused learning. Thinkflash cards are designed to reinforce and strengthen your learning by succinctly keeping the most relevant information always at your fingertips.

Types of Cards

Lower limbs

Examination Method card

Examine proficiently and with confidence. Outlines the examination method for the major short cases including Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, Neurological (Upper/Lower limbs and CNS), Speech, Thyroid and Hands


Clinical Signs and findings Card

Revisit the most important signs in adult medicine in their clinical context. These cards also outline important differentials for common findings.

Spastic Paraparesis

Disease and Pathology Card

Review clinically relevant information on pathology encountered in the exam


Long Case Card

Delve into the key questions to ask in a long case. Cards include the most common long cases as well as all the major transplant cases.

examination med


Not just a buzzword, its vital to your success in the RACP Clinical Examinations. Both short cases and long cases require a good breadth of knowledge with a reasonable amount of depth. The written examination had you focusing on details of medicine, the clinical examination requires you to examine patients skillfully and present to the examiners your medical knowledge in a slick fashion. Thinkflash cards allow you to revise the essential elements of each type of body system examination, disease and clinical sign, thus improving your recall during the examination. Cards are kept up-to-date with information relevant to the Australian FRACP examination curriculum and are based on information from leading textbooks such as Examination Medicine (Tally and O’Connor), and 250 Cases in Clinical Medicine (Baliga).

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Introducing the Thinkflash App for Android!

Now your access to information is quicker than ever with the new Thinkflash App. Containing all the short case cards found in the Thinkflash Card pack this App also allows you to search by keyword.

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